Gorean Pigtails

Hey hey. Newness for y’all! Mesh dress, so loving it. And new skin from Izzie’s! Many many different tones, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and brow color to choose from! <33

Gorean Pigtails In –

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Some Green and Pink

Newness for you all to go out and buy. 50% off spring sale at the Truth District sim (Gotta add that you have to be in the Truth District Update Group to get entry to the sale)! Of course Truth is there along with Aura, Gos, INDI, MIEL, Wippet & Bucket, Glitterati, Addict, and so many others. Go check it out and get yourself some discounts. Also new shirt I’m sporting from SAKIDE. Another amazing piece of mesh. Another new skin also from Lara Hurley called Kae. Really love the look of this one too like Mia, just looks so soft. New jeans from Cynful out today! They are called Zia and are just have a small amount of butt crack hanging out the back! Many colors to choose from! ❤

Some Green and Pink In –

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Such a Virgin

You know I am baby!!! OKAY – couple new items I wanna talk to y’all about. Firstly, this amazinggggggggggg shirt from SAKIDE. Sold is several different colors/patterns/designs. Did I mention – its mesh? Yes, it is. Comes with the alpha and 3 different sizes. So loving this item – SAKIDE you make me sooo happy! ❤

Also new MESH skirt from Cynful! They will be out tomorrow along with an array of colors! The skirts of course come in several different sizes. I really love how it moves with the hips, that was my biggest pet peeve with prim/clothing layer skirts. ❤

New boots from MIEL! These boots have either the natural tones which I’m sporting here, or the bright tones. Built in color changing script with also a script for resizing. The resizing script is amazing because it doesn’t just resize the whole boots, but you can choose to resize from the height, width, and depth. Hurry over to get your pair! ❤

Such a Virgin In –

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Meshed Up!

Threw this outfit together for a cute slave look in Gor. Shirt is MESH and is from Perfect Wardrobe by Epic! Skirt is new from SAKIDE which is also MESH and comes in several different colors. Just love what these designers are coming out with! Enjoy! ❤

Meshed Up In –

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I’m So Pink

Yup, went with the pink hair. Sorry for my absence though, I worked all weekend and it was insane. But now I’m off and before bed I am shooting off a post for y’all! This is something I put together before I went to work on Friday except I added the hair that I got! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

I’m So Pink In –

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Cynful of Sin!

Don’t ask about the title because I have no idea and am on pain medication right now. I’m so sorry for not getting many posts out in the past couple of days. This isn’t to get attention only to inform y’all I was in the hospital today with an infected kidney stone, so I may be posting some ridiculous shit like I am right now. I did my best on making something that looks good, and this is basically what I came up with! Corset is AMAZING comes in several different colors and is at the Festival of Sin event going on NOW! Hurry chicas! ❤

Cynful of Sin In –

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Newness here! First will be the sweater that is from LooP! Love this MESH sweater that comes in 12 different colors and color changing undershirt! Such a great piece!

Also this MESH skirt is from SAKIDE! Of course the skirt comes in all different sizes with the alpha! Several different colors to come from.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Aura skin line that I just blogged earlier called Helena, but its the VIP gift! Tyr always amazes me with her lines. The shading and all the little marks on the skin are so cute. Love the lips on this one too! Also comes in a Paper tone that is limited for the VIP gift. Its one of her lightest tones!

Enjoys! <33

Loop SAKIDE In –

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