Black Widow

Hey there! Some new things to show you. First I’ll be selfish and talk about my own store. My lovely husband made these hot pants for The Fantasy Collective which opens up on the 20th! They come in 10 different colors and with each color you’ll receive a HUD that you can change the belt to 10 different colors and the metals in 5 different colors! Awesome right? I love choices! Also I’ll be releasing new nipple rings which I’m sporting here. The hair is sexy and from Moon which is currently at Kustom9. Also this face paint and some items behind me are from The Fantasy Collective as well! ♥

Black Widow

Black Widow Inside –

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The Garden

Hey hey. Some newness from Severed Gardens for you cute Goreans out there. I try not to get too cutesy of outfits, but I really couldn’t pass up this outfit. The top and bottom are mesh, and all items are resizeable with scripts that can be deleted. Comes in several different colors. Enjoy! <33

The Garden In –

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Fantasy Faire Preview!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to be showing you all this! Panda Express are releasing new mermaid items for the Fantasy Faire and they are just AMAZING! The details put into it are just soo breath taking along with the options you get. The mermaid tails have a script in them where you can change the shell along with changing the starfish that is on the one side! The tentacle parts and the front jewels are what colors you’re picking when you decide on what kinda mermaid you wanna be! The two colors that will be 100% donation for the American Cancer Society for her set is Violence and Silver. Also there is a new hair piece that I’m sporting that goes along with the outfit! Also changes colors in the jewel, coral, and starfish! The faire will be open for all on April 21 – 29! Save your lindens for this event! <33

Fantasy Faire Preview In –

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I’m doing my damn best to catch up on all of the items that were passed to me, thank you SO much to Izzie’s, .Pekka., RACK Poses, Boom, SAKIDE, Epic, Pepper, Aura, LEO-NT, Death Row Designs, GSpot, May’s Soul / Tentacio, KHUSH, LooP, Medley, Cynful, [W]ynter, and many many others for supporting me in this blog. With the way my RL is going right now its taking a toll on getting items and you all just make my day every week with the things you do! I love you all dearly <333

Sweetness In –

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A couple of things to talk about today. First, I would like to tell everyone about my best friend’s new sim Hidden Village better known as Port City of Kasra. Isn’t just getting done built and looks absolutely amazing. The sim is owned by Poiisoned Calamity and built by Osith Emmons, Nos, and Inari Orchid. There so far is talk of one group going to be in the sim that the Oisth and Inari will be running so contact them if you are interested in joining. This will be mainly roleplay based, few raids, and no pew pew will be going on. Will not be put into a category or BtB or GE. It will have their own rules and own ways so when those rules are in play they were be on the docks for your reading pleasure.

Second order of business will be the cute sweater from Pepper that I am wearing in this picture. There are 5 colors to choose from (Black, Brown, Grey, Pink, and Green) which comes with 3 different pocket options, (Kleenex, Handy, and Number).

And last but not least is these armwarmers from LEO-NT. Great for the winter months especially to wear over sweaters like I, and they come in 10 different colors. Arm attachment with hand attachment, no glove clothing layer needed. ❤

New Sim In –

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The Sweater Dress

I know this is an old item, but is a good item to be used for those sims that are going snow! My sim for one has already changed over to being all cold and shiz – and this is the outfit I picked out for today. I hope y’all enjoy!

The Sweater Dress In –

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Your Own Style

So its Halloween, this is pretty much what I threw together to celebrate this holiday! I know its some things that I’ve blogged before, but its all good. Different looks with different outfits = win. Also I just want to say really quick, everyone has their own style. Everyone has it in them to be able to put their own items together. I love my blog, I adore the shit out of it. I made it so Gorean’s would know that its not all about slapping some kilts and long sleeves together to run around in. The only other thing I ask for is some respect. Some know what I’m talking about and I won’t get into it but yeah, ❤ here’s another LOTD.

Your Own Style In –

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The Gardens..

Yes this is a different avie because I decided to do this outfit on my slave alt. I am really in love with this outfit, I’ve been on this avie all day because of it. Seriously, you hot slaves out there need to go get this outfit, like NOW!

The Gardens In –

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Muh Panda!

So excited to hear that Panda Express came out with a new outfit, one especially I can wear in Gor. Its so fucking cute I’m like falling over myself in this outfit. The first couple of pictures are the more racy pictures, the last picture I did for “I don’t wanna get collared” outfit. Enjoy!

Muh Panda In –

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