She Would Move Buildings For Him

Hey there. Got some more new things here to show you. Hair Fair along with Secret Affair that opens today! Also a new event called ROMP. I just wanted to do something that tells a bit of a story! ♥

She Would Move Buildings For Him

She Would Move Buildings For Him Inside –

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I Aim To Please

Heyyyyy. A couple new things that will be featured at We ❤ RP this round also this new corset I located on marketplace. Each color comes with a hud to change straps and metal! ♥

I Aim To Please

I Aim To Please Inside –

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Not Just An Object

Hey thur. I put together a random outfit last night from some new to old things. Blah blah blah ya know, just read below. ♥

Not Just An Object

Not Just An Object Inside –

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Take Me To Your People

Heyyyy! I’m back from work, YAY! So of course The Arcade is open. Like y’all didn’t know. I’m showing off a couple of things here and there, but I really liked this outfit I put together tonight. I had to go over to Whore Couture to pick up some good pieces! Also another round of We ❤ RP will be opening soon! ♥

Take Me To Your People

Take Me To Your People Inside –

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Giving It All To Him

Hey y’all! So !bang came out with some new poses lately. She’s going a bit of a new direction with more of an artistic direction with them. This pose can be bought at The Men’s Dept this round. Also Collabor88 has opened it’s doors last night. I knew I had to go in and grab the new corset by ISON along with this adorablely cute collar/choker by Boom and the Elvi skin by Glam Affair that’s in the America tone! YAY!

BTW, I know I messed up on my couple’s picture and it bothers me alot but I got the perfect shot and didn’t want to start all over again! [reachingcryingcat] ♥

Giving It All To Him

Royals Inside –

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Crow’s Feet

Hello darlings. Another new post for you and late on getting out this amazing dress by Junbug that was for The Rack for only 200L, but now it’s at regular price still at her mainstore. Obviously you’re seeing me not wear it as a dress. You can unlink the skirt from the corset and just link the corset back up and wear it! I was so excited that I could wear it this way since the corset is done up perfectly around the neck. Comes in 3 different colors and I of course went with black because that’s what I normally wear! Also some more new hair by Exile along with this pose by Lost Angels that I found that I just had to have! ♥

Crow's Feet

Crow’s Feet Inside –

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She’s Dangerous

Really not, but it sounded good! Anyways, some new things. I put this outfit together yesterday morning from some of my C88 goodies. Absolutely amazing round this time guys. Also these leg armours are at We ❤ RP along with the thing on my back! ♥

She's Dangerous

She’s Dangerous Inside –

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Crazy Mamba

Hello peoples. More new things from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. This is a little NSFW, but really… mostly my whole blog is NSFW. Shouldn’t even give a disclaimer. Not like the picture isn’t already in your face. ANYWAYS I wanted to show you these face chain from Keystone. I love them all. I’m pretty much wearing them all the time now. There’s so many different colors and styles that you’ll be happy with all the clicks you’ll make with the machine. Also the neck piece is by Black Pearls called Crow Witch which in the machine has a matching dress to go with it. Decided naked was better for now though. And this hair? Yup, this hair. It’s big, it’s sassy, and it’s by Exile!

Crazy Mamba

Remember – October 1st. Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens. Gonna be spamming you soon with my items. ♥

Crazy Mamba Inside –

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Black Widow

Hello pretties. So I was excited to get this outfit out because I am in love with Junbug’s items for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. You know me with black items, but the sleekness of these dresses are amazing. The ultra rare parasol is a great addition to the outfit which is an ultra rare! The headdress is another item from GSpot at the Carnival, but it’s her rare item. The ultra rare has a tall boof on the top that’s adorbs. Also you see the forearm shield? That’s a new armor pack by GSpot. ♥

Black Widow

Black Widow Inside –

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Whose Turn?

Hey y’all! A little NSFW! I wanted to show y’all this new item from Rack Poses that will be at Fantasy Gacha Carnival starting October 1st! My husband did the picture for the rare, but I wanted to do a single pose in a different kind of way. I hope y’all like what I did! ♥

Who's Turn?

Whose Turn? Inside –

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