Taste Life

Heyyyy peoples! Some new things here. I really love these new sweaters from Gawk. There’s stripes and regular solid colors available. The best part is they come off the shoulders. Also new skinny jeans from Cynful that have a cuff version or a boot version that alphas out the bottom for layering. The jeans can be found at Winter Trend 2013! ♥

Taste Life

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How I Watch TV

Heyy. Just to let you know, Shoetopia closes here in a couple of days 11/30th! Well more than a couple, exactly three. So yeah remember to get over there and support a great cause along with picking up some very well unique pieces! One being these new heels from LaRoo. Another thing to remember is LaRoo has the new skin matching system for all you lazy bums out there like me! ♥

How I Watch TV

How I Watch TV Inside –

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His Gaming Room

Heyyy. Some more things from Geek’n’Nerds event! If you haven’t been to the event you need to run now because there’s sooo many amazing items to be had there! I wish I watched Doctor Who now cause alot of creators covered that geek side! ♥

His Gaming Room

His Gaming Room Inside –

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Will You Warm Me?

Heyyyy peoples! Some new things hereee. Exile, Fri.day, and Izzie’s. ♥

Will You Warm Me?

Will You Warm Me Inside –

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Snow Is Finally Here

Heyyyy there! So I’ve talked about this event already, but there’s a ton of amazing things to be had there. This dress is definitely one of them. Soo sexy! ♥

Snow Is Finally Here

Snow Is Finally Here Inside –

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At Our Front Door

Hello pretties! Some more Shoetopia for y’all. I’m able to put it in my links now, YAY! So excited for this event to be open. Love supporting all these designers hard work! Also please make sure you check out the charities and where the money is going towards. It’s a great cause! Also HUGE thank you to Dermie for posing with me! ♥

At Our Front Door

At Our Front Door Inside –

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And She Glides On Water

Heyyyy, getting another post out before the big day tomorrow. Boo. Anyways, a new event is opening up called The Fantasy Collective on the 20th of this month. Alot of great designers are participating and I’m gonna show you what a couple of stores have to offer. ♥

And She Glides On Water

And She Glides On Water Inside –

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When Are We Leaving?

Hey pretties. Some more Shoetopia goodies for you. When Brandi passed this pose set that she collabed with Dave I knew I had to do a picture right away. I love that suitcases rezz out, they have a HUD with different colors, along with -20- poses in it! Just rezz, sits, and choose poses! She even told me she went with several different options in the poses between sexy, emo, and casual. And girls with the boobies there’s even some for you in there! Also you know I had to pair this pose set with new heels by Just Design. I mean NOT THAT DAVE MADE ME, but I love these heels. I talked alot today, I don’t apologize.

 Oh and it’s my RL birthday tomorrow. I’m gonna try to post more today so tomorrow I can be free since I won’t be around much do to a medical procedure. ♥

When Are We Leaving?

When Are We Leaving Inside –

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