Skater Girl

Hey hey! Got bored last night and took some pictures. Freakin’ in love with them and the outfit! Check it! ❤

Skater Girl In –

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More Tough Than You

Hey hey! Been really busy trying to make some items to release in a new store with the husband! Decided to take a break today and blog an outfit I’ve been holding on too along with new hair from Magika! <33 Enjoyyyy

More Tough Than You In –

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Hey Skimpy Dress

This dress is a must have. Its from The Whore Mansion and its just whore tastic for you sluttes! Basically this is what I put with it, some old with some new. Love the new hair too! <33

Hey Skimpy Dress In –

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You’re Loose!

Yup that’s right! You! Kidding 😀

So this sweater came out today – had to run over to get this thing right when I logged on today but of course wanted to wear it a little longer IC before getting the post out. Its from Suicidal Unborn and comes in 10 different colors. Another great piece for those winter sims for both frees and slaves. I did a free post on this one only due to these beautiful pants but IC have been wearing them with just panties! I hope y’all enjoy this!

You’re Loose In –

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Please Hug Me?

I couldn’t think of a title BUT I do want to talk about this AMAZINGGGG sweater dress from LooP that I’m sporting. It comes in 4 different colors – black, brown, white, and grey. The under part where I had grey comes in 8 different colors, and the belt is 3 different colors. Soo many options to choose from on this one.

ALSO these comfy boots are just fantastic because unlike having to pick from colors only from what the creator gives you, Pepper made a hud to pick from the color pallet which to me is just the best. It really is just an all around great looking winter boots being able to not worry about if I need them in a certain color.

So these leggings that I’m also wearing are from Coloreta’s where she is having a sale up stairs in the main store. These leggings are only -10L’s- I repeat 10 LINDENS! Go get your pretty asses over there for that great sale! <333

Please Hug Me In –

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Cynful Friendship!

So Kirsty wanted to do another blog post together with the new Cynful dresses that came out yesterday. I’ve been working so I was unable to get my post out yesterday but KIRSTY is slacking! ❤ Anyways new Cynful dress which comes in the short sleeve or long sleeve! Loveeeee this dress especially since I was already in love with the Zone Shirt that is like the dress! 😀

Cynful Friendship In –

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More Christmas

Moreeeeeeeee Christmas items out there for y’all! Also! Collabor88 is out again in which there are MORE items than before! GO CHECK THEM OUT NAO!

More Christmas In –

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