For the Sluts

Another outfit for you sexy sluts out there. Picked up this outfit from Rude, put some things with it, and bam..instant sexah. Enjoy 😀

For the Sluts In –

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Harvest the Angel

Welp, I was dead all freaking day today. Failsauce. But the good news is, I was able to walk around or fly around with this look and I do kinda like the paleness! Oh and my friend in the background – Gustav, he’s cool.

Harvest the Angel In –

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A Quickie.

Alright I did this one a little different again, yet again still trying to get the new hair that was released yesterday out for everyone to go run out and grab. I did two different outfits and only two different pictures. I hope y’all really enjoy. 😀

A Quickie In –

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Master and Slave.

Cruz wanted to do a blog with me so we threw something together. I had to dress him >.<, but yeah he wanted the slave look so I did just that. Even loved being raided right after getting done getting dressed. Damn raids. LOL

Master and Slave In –

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Oh so sweet

So I want to talk about the designer of Grixdale (Tyr) who is a total sweet heart. She really made my night the other night, and I feel honored to even get a sweet IM from her. Her clothes are the bread and butter, and here is the outfit I slapped together today. Yeah I know, its totally different from what I wear, but oh well its fucking awesome. I was also  pwning people all night in this outfit. I hope the men were all whining behind their PCs getting beat by a girl in her cutesy pink skirt and vest. hehe

Oh So Sweet In –

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