On A Trip

Hello pretty people. Sorry about the absence, but I had to work all weekend per usual and then went to Disney World on Monday. Anyways, Auxiliary had released these new really adorable hoodies at SL Fashion Week and they come in 3 different animal heads like goat (shown below), bunny, and bear. They come in a range of neutral and pastel colors. Grab em up y’all. Also there’s 3 new prints of these lovely shorts by Cynful at The Dressing Room Fusion. ♥

On A Trip

On A Trip Inside –

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When I Go To The Bar

Heyyy. So some new stuff to talk about. Obviously y’all know about the new Gos heels. I will be showing you a more closer up picture of how they can be worn. Either with the cup of the heel or without. Also the lining and sole can change textures if you’d like. Another newness is this hair by Exile that is featured at Hair Fair with several other amazing styles. Lastly this dress by Cynful which is currently new and at SL Fashion Week. ♥

When I Go To The Bar

When I Go To The Bar Inside –

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For Our Amusement

Hey thur. Decided to do a post today with the wonderful Terrence. I love this girl so much! <3333333333

Second picture was taken by her because my computer sucks.

Check out Terr’s blog here.

Geek LOTD 759

For Our Amusement Inside –

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The Essentials

Hey hey everyone. I’ve been saving this outfit that I bought from FaMESHed to go with some decor and decided to finally kick it out today. Love this top and vest from COCO. Of course 100% mesh since its featured at FaMESHed currently. Along with Cracked Mirrors jeans that I’m sporting. They make me have a nice ass. 😀 The shoes are just a given because ya know, ya can’t go wrong with Gos’ new heels. Especially these mirror ones that went so well with this top. Also more decor that I’m featuring in the background that is at FaMESHed except for the chair which was at The Men’s Dept by HANDverk. ❤

Gor LOTD 727

The Essentials In –

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Who’s Your Valentine?

By default my Valentine is my husband. I decided to do a post for a cute and sexy outfit for when the day comes! Need to run over to PXL to grab this free skin for VIPs. The dress, hair piece, and poses are from the new round of SL Fashion Week and of course new hair from Truth! I’m such a nut! Ugh I also meant to mention that HANDverk has a new gacha out at their mainstore right now. It’s for these cute clutches for Valentine’s Day that you play either the sweet sayings with the light colors or the dirty/vulgar tart sayings with the brighter colors! Such a cute idea! ❤

Gor LOTD 726

Who’s Your Valentine In –

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Please Just Breathe

Hey hey. So hopefully by next week sometimes my RL will slow down a little, but I’ve been holding on to this outfit to show y’all. A couple different newness for y’all! ❤

Gor LOTD 721

Please Just Breathe In –

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In My Fashion Week

So as of right now SL Fashion Week is officially open and I’m getting my post out just in time! You all have got to get over there and check it out because there are so many great items I couldn’t get it all in just one post! Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

Gor LOTD 717

In My Fashion Week –

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SL Fashion Week

Keep an eye out for this event y’all!

SL Fashion Week Logo

      ● SL Fashion Week ●
Weekly Event                        ___________________________________________________________________________________

Every year, the streets of New York are folded with the top designers of the world, and most sought after models around. Hairspray, double sided tape, and hidden trans-fat high calorie burgers, fill the scene when you walk behind the glamorous catwalk and through the curtain to the backstage of any of these runway show.

What we don’t ever see is the world before the flashbulbs bursting into our eyes. What does it look like without the thrill of  cameras and an audience? The dressing room with manic people all about and fashion at it’s rawest. This is the real SL Fashion Week.

Bringing together the best and freshest styles and items on the grid, SL Fashion Week will be a weekly event geared towards bring you fashion that’s both affordable and high end. Behind the glitz and glamor you will find a world all of it’s own. Fashion models and designers running here and there

SL Fashion Week will bring you:
● New round each week
● Prices ranging from 50L to 125L
● Exclusive items for SL Fashion Week

We want to bring the world of the super model to you, but not from the catwalk but from the curtain call. Each designer will bring to our event new and exiting items that reflect their style.

Remember to join our flickr group:

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following people.

SL Fashion Week Staff:
⋙Event Support:       SLFashionWeek Resident
⋙Event Manager:     Rose (NamiNaeko Resident)
⋙Event Manager:     ƇΛИDY  (AnnaGrey Resident)
⋙Assistant Manger:  Yumi Katana