Will You Take Me?

Hello beautifuls. So I know you’re getting sick of all theses posts, but so many designers put in a ton of work and counting on us bloggers to show y’all what you’re going to be looking forward took on October 1st for Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

The GSpot ultra rare Tiara comes with a HUD to control the texture on the jewels. There are three ultra rare tiara’s, black, gold, and silver.

Now for the commons and rares in that machine they are earcuffs which I am sporting a rare one. There’s 2 different designs for the rares with each having black, silver, and gold as well. The commons are 12 different colors of the same style.

The Luas items I’m wearing are two different machines. The chest chain and then nipple covers are in one machine and the rest of the outfit in another. ♥

Will You Take Me?

Will You Take Me? Inside –

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Besties In Hoodies

So the best friend Taiinted and I did a post together! We wanted to show off more items for Fantasy Gacha Carnival for y’all. So many goodies coming at y’all!

I will be posting what I’m wearing only, I want you guys to actually visit her site for what she’s wearing located here! ♥

Besties In Hoodies

Besties In Hoodies Inside –

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Padded With Gold

Hey y’all! So yes my boobies are out and this is another almost naked post, but I wanted to show y’all our ultra rare piece for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival along with Kirsty’s rare for her Wall Mounted Shackle machine.

I’m also wearing two more items by Keystone. Like I said I can’t stop wearing her face chains, and now this cute headband that’s her rare.

The ear cuffs I’m not showing entired too well just yet. I’ll really show em off in another post. Just had to rock them today. ♥

Padded With Gold

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Sun Warrior

Hey hey! Some more things from We ❤ RP event that opened on the 5th. Rustic’s chandelier and candles comes in two different colors AND a version for the new materials that is raging through SL! ♥

Geek LOTD 800

Sun Warrior Inside –

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Slave Sisters

So I’ve been putting off doing these pictures for a couple of days so I had some time to sit and do some work on it. I want to thank Kirsty for posing with me and getting all Gorean. I haven’t done a gorean post in months, and these new GSpot outfits were perfect inspiration. ❤

Gor LOTD 723

Slave Sisters In –

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