What You Do To Me

Hey there! I put this look together and decided I wanted to blog it! All cute things to go with the Belleza body. ♥

What You Do To Me

What You Do To Me Inside –

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Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Natalee named this post. Anyways. So many more new things from Tag Gacha! I know y’all have had the chance to go get all your things, but I wanted to show off these adorable costumes by Tee*fy! LOOK AT THEM! Natalee got all slutted up in her cupcake and I am milk – it does the body good. 🙂 ♥ PS – It’s late, Natalee wears alot of shit. If you wanna know more of what she’s wearing, ask her. Natalee Oodles. She’s friendly. :)))

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker Inside –

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Young Volcanoes

Hey there! Some new things here. Especially this cute hair from Truth that has the new pastel pack and also LOOK AT THE CUTE SKELETON HANDS! This outfit is adorable from Virtual NIrvana at District 5 and these heels from Enfant Terrible which are at La Metallique Fair. ♥

Young Volcanoes

Young Volcanoes Inside –

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Music In My Life

Hey hey. So with the approaching new event Rhapsody coming up I wanna hear what your favorite music is! This post is dedicated to all things music! I’ll post my favorite song below. Some things shown here are new from the event along with some new Summerfest things! ♥

Music In My Life

Music In My Life Inside –

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I Can Win You Over

Hey thur. So I went to Summerfest last night and I put this look together but I have been slaving away all day on my own Rhapsody items to get a blog post done! Been so crazy with the events we signed up for! Anyways, so here’s some of what I got there with a slave Gorean twist to it! ♥

I Can Win You Over

I Can Win You Over Inside –

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Not Just An Object

Hey thur. I put together a random outfit last night from some new to old things. Blah blah blah ya know, just read below. ♥

Not Just An Object

Not Just An Object Inside –

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Can I Be Your Goddess?

Hey there. I’m backkkkk. I had the best of time on vacation with some SL friends at Disney and now I’m back to the real world and doing blog posts! And now to show you some things from the new upcoming event Tales of Fantasy that opens June 10th at 12 am! Also this new hair from Spellbound is absolute perfection – comes with or without the feathers (hud colors for the feathers also). ♥

Can I Be Your Goddess?

Can I Be Your Goddess Inside –

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She Can Be A Bit Dark

Hey there. So yesterday I was trying to take pictures on the new updated Firestorm with the fitted mesh. It failed again. My computer just completely crashes when I take a photo. Sad because I wanted to do this post with the Wowmeh body. Ugh. Anyways, new things from the Dark Style Fair along with new heels from Just Design at The Boutique. ♥

She Can Be A Bit Dark

She Can Be A Bit Dark Inside –

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She’ll Serve You Well

Hey there. Some new things coming to The Garden near you! Amazing set by Apple Fall that includes all the furniture that I’m showing here. Also had this cute outfit done up yesterday, thought it went well with this set to blog. ♥

She'll Serve You Well

She’ll Serve You Well Inside –

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Fireflies In The Night

Hey hey. Some new things here from Fantasy Gacha Carnival, one being our own item. :> Also new Infiniti poses that are there along with new armor by Alchemy that is at We ❤ RP that comes in 5 different colors! ♥

Fireflies In The Night

Fireflies In The Night Inside –

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