White Isn’t Just On Her Head

Hey hey! So I put together an outfit last night and I kinda liked it. I’ve been hanging on to this hair since I spotted it at Chapter Four last round. Put it with this outfit and went with it. I got two different headbands on. One being a crown from Keystone which will be featured at The Secret Affair event which opens April 6th at 12 SLT. Also I really loved this flower crown that is at the event I talked about on Saturday! FYI – The white paint tattoo layer I’m wearing. It comes with a face chin part, but I photoshopped that out cause I’m not a fan of them! ♥

White Isn't Just On Her Head

White Isn’t Just On Her Head Inside –

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Disney Bound

Okay I know I’m like really late on my entries, but RL has been swamped. I decided to get caught up on the last two and then this weeks round! I am in love with this challenge which I rarely do any, but if any of you actually knew me I am a die hard Disney fan. Hopefully going to Disney World next week too just to fulfill my Disney needs! Haha. Anyways, the first week was Peter Pan, second week was Ariel in her “kissed a girl” scene, and this week is Gason from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy my posts representing all the characters. I know alot of pictures, but yeah 3 weeks of entries! ❤

Geek LOTD 746 2

Disney Bound Inside –

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Hey hey. Bunch of newness for y’all. The entire outfit was based around this amazing new top from coldlogic. Love the back of it. And the hair is not white, like I usually wear – but at One Voice, Exile only put out black, brown, red, blonde, and pink. ❤ Enjoy

Bleached In –

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Light Up The Night

More newness from Fluid for y’all along with Stumblebum. Not much to talk about, except enjoy! <33

Light Up The Night In –

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