Side Boob

Yup, side boob on this awesome mesh top from Hucci! In love with this top soo much. Also along with this skirt that is from Spirit. Both come in all their different sizes, and several different colors to choose from! ❤ PS – Totally forgot to wear a collar for this slave outfit, but yeah! LOL

Side Boob In –

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Pink Fest

Hey girls hai! Sooo, new hair from Burley! Lovin’ this style with the messy bun! Also has the new Magnate Pack for group members in which I’m sporting! Also newish pants from Spirit! I know I wear alot of mesh, but I can’t stay away from it! Pants come in different colors, and all different sizes! ❤

Pink Fest In –

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The Skirt Look

Newness from Magika with these cute pigtail look. Rigged mesh and has the duo pack with different colors that I’m sporting in the picture! Also new shirt and skirt. Shirt from Suicidal Unborn with several different designs along with skirt from Spirit that is mesh and also has a couple different colors. ❤

The Skirt Look In –

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Hottie is Pink

HAI! Anyways, new mesh shirt from paper.doll. Freakin’ loveeee the different designs she came up with. Decided on this one even though I’m not even close to being egotistical or anything, just it had the color scheme! lawl. Also new pants that are mesh from Spirit. Mens and female sizes. Great texture along with different prints with dirty, clean, paint stains, etc. Seriously, love, mesh. ❤

Hottie is Pink In –

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Magika Colors

Sooo I just had to get another post out before I went to work today because of this fucking hair!!! So Magika released 2 new hair styles today. One was made with these awesome colors and its only 100L for 4 different colors in the hud! Just amazing right here! Enjoy! ❤

Magika Colors In –

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I’m So Pink

Yup, went with the pink hair. Sorry for my absence though, I worked all weekend and it was insane. But now I’m off and before bed I am shooting off a post for y’all! This is something I put together before I went to work on Friday except I added the hair that I got! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

I’m So Pink In –

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This is NOT a Goodbye…

Okay some know, some don’t … I will be away from SL for a while. No I am NOT going to stop blogging, I just will not be around in game for long periods of time. I’ve had a great 3 years running in game, which is one of the reasons why I’m leaving the game. I met my RL fiance here in game originally in an urban sim called “Crack Den”, and we are finally getting married IRL next week. My plan is to only log on to post once or twice a day, and say hello to the ones I love. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate all of you for visiting my blog, and making me stay in game for as long as I have. A good couple months ago I was ready to just leave SL, but this blog has kept me in game until now. If it wasn’t for all the wonderful comments on the blog and in world, y’all couldn’t have kept a hold of me for so long. With that being said, I did this blog post on not the traditional outfit because it was my last day to run around sims and pew pew the fuck outta people in Gor and I wanted to play my SL how -I- wanted too. Please enjoy, and I love you all so very much! ❤ (FYI I’m close to tears writing this.)

This is NOT a Goodbye In –

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Harvest the Angel

Welp, I was dead all freaking day today. Failsauce. But the good news is, I was able to walk around or fly around with this look and I do kinda like the paleness! Oh and my friend in the background – Gustav, he’s cool.

Harvest the Angel In –

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