Life’s Roads

Decided my blog needed a picture with an inspirational quote. Think its pretty much fitting for me right now. Enjoy the rest of the newness! <33

Life’s Roads In –

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The Lifeguard Shack

So much newness going on this weekend. New Stumblebum starting along with FaMESHed’s new round. FANATIK has also released two new dresses, one that I’m sporting in the pictures below. Enjoy! <33

The Lifeguard Shack In –

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Light Up The Night

More newness from Fluid for y’all along with Stumblebum. Not much to talk about, except enjoy! <33

Light Up The Night In –

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Gonna Get Dunked!

Hey y’all! Here to show y’all some items from the pose event Fluid for its very first round! Really great items on this round, totally worth getting your booties over there! I decided to get my husband on to well, humiliate him just a tiny bit! LOL.

Another round of Stumblebum has also started so I’ll be getting some great items out for all y’all!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival started yesterday with alottt of great designers that are partcipating so don’t forget to run that way also!

So many great events to spend your lindens at this weekend! <33

Gonna Get Dunked In –

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New Bright Colors!

Hey hey! So many new items with a ton of new events! I’m gonna try to get another post out after this, but not sure if it’ll happen! If it doesn’t then be aware that Chic2 will be open at 4 pm SLT time! Anyways, this post has a couple events I wanna mention. First new edition of Stumblebum is out! Alot of great items, along with nice mesh! Also FaMESHed is out and I will be posting more items from there in later posts! Enjoyyy ❤

New Bright Colors In –

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