Hey hey. Bunch of newness for y’all. The entire outfit was based around this amazing new top from coldlogic. Love the back of it. And the hair is not white, like I usually wear – but at One Voice, Exile only put out black, brown, red, blonde, and pink. ❤ Enjoy

Bleached In –

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Giddy Up

Okay so as of RIGHT NOW the Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase is officially open! I’m currently sporting in this picture one of the skins that will be featured there by Pink Fuel! I’ve always adored her skins, and this one is called Alena! Comes in two different make ups to choose from at 500L and several different tones with different eyebrows! Of course there’s freckle version in the pack as well! Such a flawless skin. I’m addicted for sure.

Enjoy! ❤

Giddy Up In –

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Swimming Fun

Hai decided to do pretty pictures for this post tonight. New sheer cute tops from nestle my bosom for y’all to throw over your bathing suits since its that time again! Also new cute jean shorts from Izzie’s. Alot of different colors! Go get yours now! <33

Swimming Fun In –

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Cozy Home

Went around a bunch of shops last night that I just haven’t been too in a while. Ducknipple was one, and I went hog wild. Got several different items from there to show you guys, along with going to Surf Couture and being like OH I HAVE THAT! Of course I usually blog Gorean stuff, but I wanted to put this together a bit urban because I wanted to wear these jean shorts. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy! <33

Cozy Home In –

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Urban and Lazy

Worked most of the night on a new picture that I put up on Flickr since I want to sharpen up on my PS skillz. Had this outfit on for Crack Den since I’ve been there lately while taking a break from the Gor scene. Don’t worry girls I’ll be doing my normal posts, just remember items that are posted any way can some how be used in an outfit in RP! 😀 ❤

Urban and Lazy In –

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I got muh antlers on bro! Anyways! New items for ya, more from Perfect Wardrobe and new shorts from Loop!

These Loop pants come in 10 colors, and in men’s and female’s version!

Rudolph In –

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I absolutely could not think of a title for this outfit and I’m eating some magnificent poptart right now so yes, poptart.

This outfit is just some throw on cute outfit I made for this mesh top that I just adore. I am officially a mesh fan, never want it to go away and want to keep it FOREVER! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this outfit! <333

Poptarts In –

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Play Fight

Welp that pretty much sucked – the husband went and tried to update my driver. In the middle of said process apparently my computer decided to blue screen. This is all the while as Eve and Audrina were waiting for me to get back to take pictures =/ Anyways SL wouldn’t work after he tried to fix it for the past 3 hours. Finally he just did a restart back a couple days ago and it works again. I still crash occasionally from time to time but its better than not working at all.

Anyways here is my outfit I was halfway done with from earlier – Izzie’s has 3 new gatcha! Angular Bangles, Angular Earrings, and Earmuffs! Each items in the gatcha goes for 20L’s and come mod/trans! Also for TOSL she made a whole set of Snowball Fight poses! That runs for 150L’s! Unfortunetly I was only able to get Audrina in the post this time due to my crashing and hours of my computer being a retard but she’s still one of the sweetest people I know and I’m sooo pleased she was still willing to pose with me! ❤

Play Fight In –

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Upcoming Winter

Those days are almost here, the cold winter nights cuddled up close to your loved ones. I really love this time of year, especially now that I can finally do it IRL with my soul mate ❤ Love you baby.

Upcoming Winter In –

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The Death of Me

Welp, I have officially been killed IC by Ghost. Fuckin’ assholes! lawl! I may have learned my lesson, and won’t flap my lips so much by talking shit to men, but it was kinda worth it! Funny shit though, not even expecting the dude to kill me! NOW! Blood shall be shed!

The Death of Me In –

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