Such a Virgin

You know I am baby!!! OKAY – couple new items I wanna talk to y’all about. Firstly, this amazinggggggggggg shirt from SAKIDE. Sold is several different colors/patterns/designs. Did I mention – its mesh? Yes, it is. Comes with the alpha and 3 different sizes. So loving this item – SAKIDE you make me sooo happy! ❤

Also new MESH skirt from Cynful! They will be out tomorrow along with an array of colors! The skirts of course come in several different sizes. I really love how it moves with the hips, that was my biggest pet peeve with prim/clothing layer skirts. ❤

New boots from MIEL! These boots have either the natural tones which I’m sporting here, or the bright tones. Built in color changing script with also a script for resizing. The resizing script is amazing because it doesn’t just resize the whole boots, but you can choose to resize from the height, width, and depth. Hurry over to get your pair! ❤

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It’s That Time Again!

Yup, its getting to be cooler out. I live in Florida but I’m already feeling the temperatures dropping. Usually at this time my avatar goes a bit pale and sports some light hair, but Imma just do it for this post for now. I hope y’all enjoy the newness!

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Sexy And I Know It!

Okay seriously love this video. I can’t stop laughing each time I watch it. Also I won’t be doing posts for a couple of days because I’m off to do some RL this weekend, BUT I’ll be back to shower you all with new stuffs I swear!

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Give Me A Medley

Welp, I found one a cute cute store called Medley is back open. I had a bunch of her clothes from before she closed it, and now she’s bringing them back! Was so super stocked to be able to post her things. Here is just one thing from Medley <3.

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Magic On My Panda!

The name -sorta- says it all. I’m SO fucking excited Magika finally came out with some new hair. This is the first one I’m blogging because I was waiting for her to put out hair like Jess but that didn’t cover the eyes. I’m just in straight love right now. ALSO Panda Express came out with a new dress, in which I’m just sporting the prim top and skirt right now. LOVE it. So get you shopping on peeps! ❤

Magic On My Panda In –

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