My Brown Hood

Still loving this hair obviously. Just couldn’t take it off for this outfit so decided to mod it a bit for the sexy sexy hood I’m gonna talk about.

The top is from Wynter and is only 99L’s for you sexy ladies. Of course can be worn for either slaves or frees depending on how you wear it. Very very detailed and makes me want to not want to take it off!


My Wynter In –

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Sexy and Sleek

One of my favorite straight Gorean stores has to be Tailleurs Putain. The things that come outta Noemi’s pretty little head are just too fucking cute. Anyways this item she has out right now for 99L’s! Run over there and get it, just love how she can put together one sexy outfit and you can mix and match to be either FW or slave material! ❤

Sexy and Sleek In –

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Love love loveeee this new hair from (love). Amazing suggestion from Mia-Pow fo sho. Had to do a little outfit to go around the hair, and its good I was able to use one of TP’s 25L Tuesday outfits. Enjoy y’all! Oh and my gavatar won’t freaking work for some reason when I tried to change it the other day. Halp?

Lalalalalala In –

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The Gardens..

Yes this is a different avie because I decided to do this outfit on my slave alt. I am really in love with this outfit, I’ve been on this avie all day because of it. Seriously, you hot slaves out there need to go get this outfit, like NOW!

The Gardens In –

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Dirty Talk

For some reason lately I’ve been into the lower stomach tattoos. Located a couple fucking great ones last night from a place on xstreet. Anyways, I really hope y’all like this look and there’s also a huge sale at Aura so go run over there and grab up a bunch of items that are cut in price! ❤

Dirty Talk In –

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