Holiday Party Blues

Hello there everyone. I really wanted to show y’all a couple things from Uber this round that I really enjoyed. Have you hopped over there yet? ♥

Holiday Party Blues

Holiday Party Blues Inside –

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She’ll Hold Anything For You

Hey thereee! Some new things here from Mystic Realms and then Tales of Fantasy which will be opening up on the 13th! ♥

She'll Hold Anything For You

She’ll Hold Anything For You Inside –

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She’s Cold Inside

Hey peoples. More new things from The Fantasy Collective here. This round got me really inspired! ♥

She's Cold Inside

She’s Cold Inside –

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We Run The World

Hey pretties! So I had to do a post with Autumn because I love her and we had to represent Kirsty with her amazing pose that we are being badass with. The pose is now at We ❤ RP along with mostly everything else we are wearing! To check out Autumn’s details check here – Something About Autumn!

We Run The World

We Rule The World Inside –

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Last Petal

Hey thur. Some new and old things here. First new thing is this amazingly detailed collar by aisling which comes in 15 different colors on a HUD that has all rigged, non rigged, Lolas version, woman’s and men’s versions! Secondly this hair by Olive is just perfect and can be found at Rhapsody that opened today! I love her btw. Lately that’s new is this headpiece by Keystone which will be featured at OMGacha opening soon. These poses tho, so amazing. ♥

Last Petal

Last Petal Inside –

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I Can Do Better

Hey theree! So another round of The Fantasy Collective will be opening on the 20th! Excited for this next round which is vikings! Here’s a couple of new things below! ♥

Will blog later...

I Can Do Better Inside –

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Went Out For A Ride

Hey hey! So a new event Level Up will be opening soon with a ton of things that are video game related! Especially this new helmet by Remarkable Oblivion! There’s three different colors which 2 styles of open and closed with matierals and non materials version! ♥

Went Out For A Ride

Went Out For A Ride Inside –

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I Want To Be Yours

Heyyy. Some more new things from Tales of Fantasy along with new hair at The Big Show! ♥

I Want To Be Yours

I Want To Be Yours Inside –

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Come And Be My God

Hey there. So got some new things here from Tales of Fantasy event! Aisiling’s items that have 1 ultra rare and 3 rares. The ultra rare comes with a HUD. Also this new hair from Truth comes with buns on each side and chopsticks! ♥

Come And Be My God

Come And Be My God Inside –

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