The Skirt Look

Newness from Magika with these cute pigtail look. Rigged mesh and has the duo pack with different colors that I’m sporting in the picture! Also new shirt and skirt. Shirt from Suicidal Unborn with several different designs along with skirt from Spirit that is mesh and also has a couple different colors. ❤

The Skirt Look In –

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Dressed In Black

I got this dress last night and had to throw it on before work. Its amazing and of course mesh. I really don’t know if I can go without wearing atleast one mesh item anymore! So anyways this is the outfit I picked out for this dress. I hope you like! <33

Dressed In Black In –

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As I do this post – there is an anniversary going on for the club Energy! Its 24 hours of celebration for their 2 years going on in SL! So! There is an outfit (Top and Jeans) Cynful put out for the anniversary that is so freakin’ hot. I did my best to do my own ad for this outfit, and I hope y’all get your asses over there to the club and shake your asses to the music! <33

Energy In –

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Herrooo out there! Another post for you slutty girls in Gor looking at my blog! I just want to say really quick also that I appreciate every single view on my blog. This is exactly why I wake up everyday to get atleast one post done before I go to work. Just really appreciate all the sweet comments and IMs I get from people especially with the way life has been going recently. Just remember – life is short, life it to the fullest of your abilities! <33

Holey In –

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