Rock On!

Oh heyyy! So last night I put together an alter ego outfit just for fun then I log on today to see BENT is participating in Limited Bazaar on the 28th of September at noon. The theme is rock and roll and the prop/poses will be 65L, but you better remember to get your booties over there because they are of course limited number of them being sold and after that BENT will be putting them in her store at regular price! Get on over there! Couldn’t freakin’ believe how well my alter ego outfit went with this pose set! ❤

Rock On In –

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Ready For Battle

Love is a battlefield? Was just something I was throwing together, decided before I take it off I should go ahead and post it. Just a bunch of bits and pieces from here an there. Enjoy! ❤

Ready For Battle In –

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Oh So Dom!

So the purdy BellaStarr Fhang was asking through Plurk (which I just joined today) about someone blogging with her. I was pretty bored and not RPing so I told her I’d take her up on that offer! I have always always loved her blog, she’s freakin’ cute as hell and I just couldn’t resist! So basically this is the outfit we decided on together. Hot right? Yup, just two sexy sexy girls! 😀 <333

Oh So Dom In –

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The Reds

Wanted something different with this hair and thought it looks damn sexy in RED! Also feel a vintage look with the hair so did a twist of urban with it. I hope you all enjoyyy! ❤

The Reds In –

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The Ronsem

NEW! Oh my godddd new mesh! Yes I said MESH! Another urban outfit BUT seriously I am in total love with these damn shorts along with this sweater! Shorts come in the one color but the pockets change different patterns. The sweater comes in I believe 5 or 6 different colors! Rush the hell over there and pick up your pair!! ❤

The Ronsem In –

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(Edited since first posted)

There are a TON of sales! Here is the starting line up – Black Friday Sale at Aitui, Boom, Pididdle and other great stores at the Existence – Hide and Seek – and Aitui sim. Their sale is 60% off today 40% tomorrow and Sunday is 25%. Hurry and get there today to get the best percentage!!

SKIN Black Friday Sale going on for stores that participate in Skin Addict. Just add yourself to the group and venture yourself over to stores like Pink Fuel, Belleza, or Lara Hurley and receive a percentage off of certain skin lines.

Also sale today for Medley who is doing 50% off.

Bellballs has their sale from Black Friday but going until Sunday with items from 50L to 100L’s.

And then Aura and Illusory are having a Black Friday sale 50 – 70% at their sim.

Next sale is going to be The Warehouse sale – has so many designers from Armidi, The Boutique, The Body Co, Naughty. Get the LM and join the group TheWareHouse in world which is free.

Another is KHUSH who is closing her store =/ Items are 50% off.

Group SALE! Join Glitterati group VIP which has ALOT of great items that are sent out periodically for only 100L, but only until Sunday is it cheap then it goes back up to 500L.

The last I want to talk about is Plastik. She is having a huge sale on all of her items due to her computer breakin’ and needing the cash to repair it! So! All in all – go get to shopping NAO!

Sales In –

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