How I Watch TV

Heyy. Just to let you know, Shoetopia closes here in a couple of days 11/30th! Well more than a couple, exactly three. So yeah remember to get over there and support a great cause along with picking up some very well unique pieces! One being these new heels from LaRoo. Another thing to remember is LaRoo has the new skin matching system for all you lazy bums out there like me! ♥

How I Watch TV

How I Watch TV Inside –

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Golden Tree Tops

Hey hey! Revealing blog post OMG. Yeah anyways, new things from Enfant Terrible and Fishy Strawberry. :3 ♥

Golden Tree Tops

Golden Tree Tops Inside –

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Safely Inside

Hey cuties. Some new stuff from The Attic. Absolutely adore this lingerie set from Baiastice that comes in several different colors. Also new goodies for Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The headband is from The Forge which is one of the ultra rares. I have an idea or some upcoming posts. I know alot of Gorean things lately, but this event is filled with amazing pieces I wanna continue to show you! ♥

Safely Inside

Safely Inside –

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Going For Pizza

Hey y’all! New post with some new items. First is this hoodie from [ JP ]:dsg. Sooo many different colors to choose from with men’s and women’s sizes! Go and pick them up. I decided to put this outfit together because it’s definitely something I’d wear IRL. Especially since I’m from Florida it doesn’t always get hot enough to wear a hoodie with jeans. lol. But this skirt I can’t seem to take off. It’s from Miseria and at The Attic currently. ❤

Geek LOTD 762

Going For Pizza Inside –

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Just Dressing Up

Hey everyone! So new post for y’all. Couple new items out at events. Check them out! ❤

Geek LOTD 761

Just Dressing Up Inside –

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The Attic

Helloooo pretties! I’ve been MIA I know, but my RL is starting to get a bit busier. Anyways, a couple new things from The Attic which is this hair by Exile and this dress by Cynful. Love the look of the dress and how it falls. A couple different colors to choose from also! ❤

Geek LOTD 729

The Attic In –

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Another Party Dress

So tonight is officially New Years Eve and I hope everyone stays safe! I will be working so I will not be partaking in any of the parties, but I will be up through the night to scream into the New Year!

This dress is new and in mesh from Kim! Comes in all sizes with an alpha in about 6 different colors! Really love how it comes up at the neckline.

Also until after this holiday MANDALA has out some cute jewelry at a low price. I picked up this necklace and earrings, though there were others to choose from.

Don’t forget to run over to The Attic because you’ll find this amazing hair from Exile along with the prop with poses I’m showing you from W. Winx.

Gor LOTD 709

Another Party Dress In –

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The Costume Ball

Heyy! So the husband and I worked ALLLLLLLL day on our day off to get this outfit done. We are really happy with it, and I hope y’all will love it also! Its 100% mesh and only available at The Costume Ball on October 24th at 12 pm SLT! Also the mask comes with a script that can change to 8 different colors! This event is being ran by The Ego Co, and I’m extremely excited for it! So many great designers involved in this event! I’m taking a sneak peak picture inside the event, and its so spooky classy and amazing! ❤

The Costume Ball In –

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