Gorean Bear

A couple things I wanna talk to y’all about today.

First is about these awesome super dooper mesh bear hoods. They are -amazing- and a HUGE thanks to Sopherian Yumako for posting these on her blog. I always love her pictures and when I spotted these I knew that I wanted to show you guys so the Gorean ways can go snatch them up and wear them around! But the hoods come in 5 different colors. I couldn’t just pick one so I had to fatpack it! Also different sizes in the folder for the ones not wanting to edit any hair from the hood! ❤

Secondly these new pants I got from the mp. My husband spotted them a couple nights ago and I quickly bought them up. Love that they are mesh and look a bit tac pants like. Thought it was a good style for Gor. They look a little “denim” but you all know if you don’t like that style, then of course you try another kinda pants!


Gorean Bear In –

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Urban and Lazy

Worked most of the night on a new picture that I put up on Flickr since I want to sharpen up on my PS skillz. Had this outfit on for Crack Den since I’ve been there lately while taking a break from the Gor scene. Don’t worry girls I’ll be doing my normal posts, just remember items that are posted any way can some how be used in an outfit in RP! 😀 ❤

Urban and Lazy In –

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I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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The Man

And the legend? Maybe just a little bit, I won’t give up his secret. Another post with my RL man, I modded his shape a bit a while ago gave him new hair and pants and WHALA we have a sexy sexy man! I also jumped on the bandwagon getting The Body Co skin. Don’t know how it looks, but please give me some feedback!

The Man In –

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Zebra attack!

Here’s another addiction of non Gorean clothing gone, well Gorean. Zebra print can totally be Gorean if you just put your mind to it! LOL Anyways, I did this post with my fiance Cruz, who I am also engaged to IRL. Yeah, SL can actually make miracles happen and that’s exactly what he is. I love you!

Zebra Attack In –

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