Circus Roadies

Herro! Had a longgg weekend of work, but wanted to get this post done today because this outfit is crazy though I love it! So much new stuff for me to show y’all so I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Geek LOTD 734

Circus Roadies In –

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Books of Collabor88

Woot woot! Another month of Collabor88 is out now! So freakin’ excited and am totally loving this theme. Love the vintage type look lately. Get your asses down there and pick up your favorite items! ❤

Books of Collabor88 –

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88 Did You Know?

YES! I know, another month of Collabor88! So excited, alot of good stuff out there for y’all to go grab. Here are some of the items I picked up. The skirt was part of the free group item, but you have to go grab all the little candies that are hidden around the store! ❤

88 Did You Know In –

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Oh hai! Sorry it seems like I’ve been lazy lately, its more like I’ve been busy as hell still planning my RL wedding. Never knew it was going to be so hard not having my fiance here. Well on top of hard its frustrating as hell. Blogging of course is my outlet, but don’t feel like I could do that alot lately. Blarg, so here is another post. Mostly for a store called Bullwinkle, got alot of cute creations so please head over there!

Bullwinkle In –

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