The Tamer

New things from The Secret Affair. Sorry it’s so late. Been having to finish events and RL is crazyyy! ♥

The Tamer

The Tamer Inside –

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Sun Warrior

Hey hey! Some more things from We ❤ RP event that opened on the 5th. Rustic’s chandelier and candles comes in two different colors AND a version for the new materials that is raging through SL! ♥

Geek LOTD 800

Sun Warrior Inside –

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Summer Days At Home

Some more Home Expo stuff for y’all or really just more of that house that I showed y’all the other night. Also new clothes I wanted to show off. But I did forget to wear my new Cleo skin, but don’t worry I’ll post it soon enough! ❤

Geek LOTD 774 3

Summer Days At Home Inside –

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Protecting Our Home

Hellooooo all you fine people! So I hope you’ve heard of this new event called We ❤ RP! It’s for those of you who are into roleplay, especially the Gorean type. I haven’t been doing much Gorean posts lately since I’ve gone a different direction, but I really love touching base with what I started with. I hope you enjoy all these new pretties! ❤

Geek LOTD 764

Protecting Our Home Inside –

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