My Fairy Tale

There is a dark side to every fairy tale. Well mostly. My avie stuck in that dark side, trying to stay away from good peering in. I hope you enjoy this post because I had some imagination blocks doing it! <33

My Fairy Tale In –

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Hai. Newness from GSpot! Half mesh, which makes it amazing. The corset and sleeves are the mesh and it leaves the skirt to be all wavy and amazing. The belt and the hair piece has options to have pretty fireflies glowing around you. Tried to show that in the picture for y’all! Anyways enjoy! ❤

Valkyrie In –

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Thistle Do!

Herro – I’m here to talk to you about a store called Thistle Do! that has some really really cute Gorean clothing for free women and slaves. I do suggest everyone to make their way over to there and picking up items. You won’t be let down! 😀 ❤

Thistle Do In –

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Fire To The Rain

Part of song title FTW. Gotta love Adele, just an amazing voice. Anyways, I wanna talk about this hawt/cute shirt. Its FREE and for a limited time only! In 10 different prints at ISPACHI. Run over there for your prints before they take it up for good! ❤

Fire To The Rain In –

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Seasons Winter Gacha

I pretty much went insane at this event. Well not that bad as I could have, but got REALLY lucky with getting a bunch of Rare’s when I wasn’t trying because I wanted to save my money each time I moved around LOL! So yes, Seasons Winter Gacha is out and ready for you all to get your booties over there and pick up some great items. This is pretty much my outfit revolving around the hunt! lol <33

Seasons Winter Gacha In –

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Boom Baby

LOVEEEEEEE the this dress! Just fucking epic right here! Boom made me cum – just saying. Anyways – this dress comes in 29 different colors! ALSO I haven’t blogged it yet but at Collabor88 she also put out the dress but they are different cute patterns with an argyle print in the middle.

Magika also came out with this new sexyyyy hair! Gotta go get yours now!

And I got this new skin from Collabor88 too! Illusory came out with one with blonde eyebrows and brown. Loving the lips so freakin’ much!

Necklace / Earrings are a subscribo gift from MIEL. Beautiful items of course.

At the Cupcake sim they are having an event with some great items in their courtyard. Got these cute ass rings from there made by PIDIDDLE. I also picked up a necklace by [ glow ] studio, it didn’t go with the outfit but its a ROBOT and Kirsty’s awesomeness told me about this! ❤

Boom Baby In –

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Your Karma

Another very very adorable outfit from Returned Karma. This entire outfit is for 25L Tuesday today! I really love how you can do many many things with this outfit. Take off the pants and be all slavey, or slap a long sleeve shirt underneath it for a free woman! Go run and get it lovers! ❤

Your Karma In –

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Touch My GSpot!

Okay SO! Huge huge HUGE news. Another new outfit from GSpot. No you’re not dreaming, this is fucking real. I’m seriously all giddy over this and the last outfit Jalilah came out with. I love prim skirts, and the ones she’s doing are so freakin’ detailed and amazing I just can’t contain myself. Literally this outfit has been out for maybe an hour so y’all better get your asses out there and pick it up! I did all three looks – slave, free woman, and modest free woman!

Touch My GSpot In –

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Hang In There

Kirsty did it again. She’s such a sweetie and her poses are getting better and better with each pervy idea she comes up with. Also a new store for y’all called Anchored Apparel. Enjoyyyy ❤

Hang In There In –

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