Katy Perry Vs Lady GaGa

So today Kirsty decided that she was gonna dress up as Lady GaGa since she’s been listening to one of her songs all day long. Then I told her I’d pick a celebrity to dress up as then do a ridiculous post like we have below! After much debate – I decided on Katy Perry since I was looking for an excuse to wear the Rainbow hair from [e]! Anyways – this is the crazyness we put together!

Katy Perry In –

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I Feel A Draft

A wee bit nipply… anyways, another outfit for y’all and a reminder. My husband and I are having a sale at our Gorean/Urban weapons store Epic Arsenal. Please head over there and check out our weapons, all items are 50% off. This sale will go for 48 hours.

I Feel A Draft In –

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Preppy Gor

YAY I’m off work! Oh and even better news is Collabor88 is officially open! On this post I’m only sporting the hair, in which I’m officially in love with. The hair does come with alpha ears and eyelashes, but I was already wearing the feet and I kinda like looking geeking with my eyes sticking out the sides. Anyways, enjoy everyone!

Preppy Gor In –

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Don’t Stop…

believin’! Yup it just came on my iTunes while I was doing this post. Journey <3. Anyways, this is a new top from Cynful. I’m in LOVE with it, and since she passed me it I just couldn’t get to do a blog post until today so I could change! So here it is. Also new hair from Truth! Oh, and I just want to go ahead and congratulate myself since this is my 200th blog post. YAY FOR ME!

Don’t Stop In –

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Let’s Go OOC!

Been OOC with my man all night. It has sucked being away from him for 2 weeks on a shitty laptop with no webcam. Seriously made me a sad panda, so we’ve been OOC all night taking pictures and just plain hanging out until bed time. I love this man to pieces, and of course for the rest of our lives. <3333 (I did do this post a little different. I’ll post each picture separately with the details on my own outfit only. If you want to know anything about what Cruz is wearing, look at any of my previous notices with him in it, if its clothing the just shoot me an IM and I’ll give you the details! <3)

Let’s Go OOC In –

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Oh My Odin I’M BACK!

I officially have my computer back. God I’ve missed posting so freaking badly. Oh and be aware. I will be posting alot tonight to catch myself up on products I’ve received for the past 2 weeks. <333333 I love you all and thank you so freaking much for supporting me through the time I was away!

I’m Back –

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Oh yes, I haz on leopard prints! Loved this sweater from PIDIDDLE it was just freaking adorable. There were several other colors, even a sweater just like it but in solids colors. Go check it out and let me know what you think! ❤

Leopards In –

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No idea, just came to mind. I love the flowy skirts lately because the AO I have has a swaying back and forth animation so it makes the skirt go all swooshy. Yes I’m a dork. Anyways, enjoy! ❤

Mystical In –

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Culture Shock

After god knows how long, I finally got in. God damn the wait felt way too long. This is the little outfit I put together of the many other clothes I bought there. (If only the skins that I wanted were darker, I may have came in my pants. They were just too light for meh!) Enjoy y’all!

Culture Shock In –

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