So I TPed over to Ebon to take pictures at their beautiful sim and I was immediately attached to Muh Squishy who was about 100 meters away since he logged last night without detaching. Anyways, it took him 10 minutes to unleash me and when he did he wanted to do a post with me, so this is the product of that. ❤

Muh Squishy In –

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It’s That Time Again!

Yup, its getting to be cooler out. I live in Florida but I’m already feeling the temperatures dropping. Usually at this time my avatar goes a bit pale and sports some light hair, but Imma just do it for this post for now. I hope y’all enjoy the newness!

It’s That Time Again In –

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So when I got home from work, I decided I should do a free woman blog post on the previous outfit I posted. This is what I threw together last night before logging for work. (I just realized I spelled Butterflies wrong in the title. I did it after a 12 hour shift of work sooo forgive my retardness!)

Butterflies In –

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I got the new Atrix 4G phone the other day, getting all kinds of apps like I had on my iPhone. Of course I had to get another Rick James soundboard app. All I gotta say is “DARKNESSSSS” LOOOL anyways, slapped together an outlaw outfit.

Darkness In –

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