Another Day at the Carnival

I adore Bouncer, and especially his poses. -Love- how he puts in the single pose packs a “mirrored” version so you can switch which direction you stand in, since that’s extremely helpful like in this instance where I wanted my face to be shown on one side instead of the hair!

Cynful released the new mesh shorts now in jean material! So excited for em!

Izzie’s came out with new mesh flats with flowers that are just adorable and come in several different colors! Go quick to pick up your pair! ❤

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Blacked Out

Another post for you lovelies! I am in love with these tube tops, just a great mesh piece from Celoe! Also the skirt was a bit modded – all I did was take the belt off of it. The hair is also new and just adorable, plus its mesh so its amazing. This skin is soooo amazing too! Its free if you are in the LAQ subscriber! *flails*

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I saw this dress come out yesterday and I just -had- to purchase it as quickly as possible. Of course waited for my hubby to give me the money. This is basically the slave outfit I put together. Simple but damn sexy! ❤

Slutkins In –

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Don’t Be Confused

Really I don’t know.. but I had this outfit on while I was in Crack Den tonight, but if you work it around a little bit you can always wear it in Gor. 😀

Izzie came out with this new turtle neck which is ADORABLE and comes in 10 different colors!

Also this freakin’ cool ass fox scarf is AMAZINGNESS and is the sex and of course at Collabor88 for everyone’s liking.

So my chica Kirsty came out with a bunch of new poses! She also has two different stores – her original store now has some tamed down poses which I will be poses on this post in – and of course her sexy ass poses at another store here!

Did I mention my husband sells roleplay/DCS weapons? WELL HE DOES ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! He has made a MESH Glock! That’s right, its -amazing- and you all should go out and get that shit rightttt now!!! TP to Epic Arsenal!

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Pink Leopard

Yush I am rockin’ me some pink leopard print. Its fuckin’ HOT and of course in the Where Is..Hunt at Cynful! Love love love it, along with this mesh scarf from Boom at Collabor88. Good shit – go buy now!

Pink Leopard In –

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Kinda Cold

I do believe that Florida becomes confused in the winter time. Its like “OH! Imma be cold because I’m gonna be cool like the other states!” then two days later its like “Nah bro, I’m good…lets get hot!” Moral of this story is, I wish it was cooler so I can wear more clothes like this IRL!

This dress is new from Cynful – just freakin’ adorable and it was the same design as they put out for the Vintage Fair just now in several different colors! Run over to the store and get your sexy yet sleek dress right away! <33

FYI, my graphics card is still really fucked up! After this post my husband is going to try and repair it so hopefully I’ll be uploading a way nicer picture than this! Sorry! >.<

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Play Fight

Welp that pretty much sucked – the husband went and tried to update my driver. In the middle of said process apparently my computer decided to blue screen. This is all the while as Eve and Audrina were waiting for me to get back to take pictures =/ Anyways SL wouldn’t work after he tried to fix it for the past 3 hours. Finally he just did a restart back a couple days ago and it works again. I still crash occasionally from time to time but its better than not working at all.

Anyways here is my outfit I was halfway done with from earlier – Izzie’s has 3 new gatcha! Angular Bangles, Angular Earrings, and Earmuffs! Each items in the gatcha goes for 20L’s and come mod/trans! Also for TOSL she made a whole set of Snowball Fight poses! That runs for 150L’s! Unfortunetly I was only able to get Audrina in the post this time due to my crashing and hours of my computer being a retard but she’s still one of the sweetest people I know and I’m sooo pleased she was still willing to pose with me! ❤

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Black And White Wardrobe!

Okay kiddos! Another wonderful round of Perfect Wardrobe. This week will be Black and White! Wewt! I am totally in love with so many items this time around. The one thing that I am most excited about it Aura’s mesh corset BUT I can’t wear/post it yet being as I don’t use a mesh viewer. -But- for the ones who do, you better get your asses there to get up your sexy corset. All other items are just fantastic. So many different items I’m gonna do my best to post them all!

Black and White Wardrobe In –

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