Oh So Dom!

So the purdy BellaStarr Fhang was asking through Plurk (which I just joined today) about someone blogging with her. I was pretty bored and not RPing so I told her I’d take her up on that offer! I have always always loved her blog, she’s freakin’ cute as hell and I just couldn’t resist! So basically this is the outfit we decided on together. Hot right? Yup, just two sexy sexy girls! 😀 <333

Oh So Dom In –

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Full Of Brown

Hur hur!

Couple of things! First is the meshhhhhhhhhhhhh bag from the wonderful and oh so talented Tyr creator of Aura! Bag will be at the Back to Black event that starts tomorrow!! Comes in 3 different colors with 3 different hand/holding animations! Its rigged also! ❤

Next is this cute skirt which is from Pepper. The belt comes in 9 different designs, with the ruffles that changes to several different colors. It looks amazing along, and over items like I’m wearing!

Full Of Brown In –

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The Furry Vest

Had this vest for a while now but finally decided to put an outfit on around it. Also the undershirt is from Epic and comes in several colors. Its just a great long sleeve shirt to go with anything or just a good layer for the Gorean ways. Anyways I hope y’all enjoy it! ❤

The Furry Vest In –

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Seasons Winter Gacha

I pretty much went insane at this event. Well not that bad as I could have, but got REALLY lucky with getting a bunch of Rare’s when I wasn’t trying because I wanted to save my money each time I moved around LOL! So yes, Seasons Winter Gacha is out and ready for you all to get your booties over there and pick up some great items. This is pretty much my outfit revolving around the hunt! lol <33

Seasons Winter Gacha In –

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Gimmie A Bath

Another one with the man. He’s done some great collars, that y’all need to go check out seriously. He has some talents! Also another pose from RACK Poses. I swear Kirsty hits right up my alley with these sexy poses. ❤

Gimmie A Bath In –

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I Made A Mess!

I’m trying to bring some funny roleplay to the camp, so today I slapped on a bloody tattoo and I’m running around hugging everyone to get some posts in the land with eachother. So I hope y’all enjoy the look!

I Made A Mess In –

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Newww Karma!

So I started looking through my inventory for something to throw on for a quick blog before bed, and who then no other than Jada comes to my rescue! God she’s so freaking awesome! This top and shorts are to cream for, OH and they come in several different colors. Go pick them up like RIGHT FUCKING NOW! GO! Okay bye!

Newww Karma In –

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Let’s Go OOC!

Been OOC with my man all night. It has sucked being away from him for 2 weeks on a shitty laptop with no webcam. Seriously made me a sad panda, so we’ve been OOC all night taking pictures and just plain hanging out until bed time. I love this man to pieces, and of course for the rest of our lives. <3333 (I did do this post a little different. I’ll post each picture separately with the details on my own outfit only. If you want to know anything about what Cruz is wearing, look at any of my previous notices with him in it, if its clothing the just shoot me an IM and I’ll give you the details! <3)

Let’s Go OOC In –

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