This is NOT a Goodbye…

Okay some know, some don’t … I will be away from SL for a while. No I am NOT going to stop blogging, I just will not be around in game for long periods of time. I’ve had a great 3 years running in game, which is one of the reasons why I’m leaving the game. I met my RL fiance here in game originally in an urban sim called “Crack Den”, and we are finally getting married IRL next week. My plan is to only log on to post once or twice a day, and say hello to the ones I love. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate all of you for visiting my blog, and making me stay in game for as long as I have. A good couple months ago I was ready to just leave SL, but this blog has kept me in game until now. If it wasn’t for all the wonderful comments on the blog and in world, y’all couldn’t have kept a hold of me for so long. With that being said, I did this blog post on not the traditional outfit because it was my last day to run around sims and pew pew the fuck outta people in Gor and I wanted to play my SL how -I- wanted too. Please enjoy, and I love you all so very much! ❤ (FYI I’m close to tears writing this.)

This is NOT a Goodbye In –

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Muh Belly!

Forgot to put a shirt on underneath this, but fuck it. It looks adorable. Oh and on top of that AOHARU is having a 50% off sale so get your cute little asses over there and grab up all the items you need to fill that inventory of yours!

Muh Belly In –

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Rough Rider!

So I got this jacket a bit ago, and finally put it with a kick ass outfit. I feel just a little motorcyclish right now, but fuck it. Its pretty hot right? I’m just straight Gorean outlaw kick ass free woman! Woot!

Rough Rider In –

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