[A] Limited!

OH hello!! New event for everyone to go get and spend all their monies on!! It is open currently to Atomic VIP group members, but if you aren’t – the event opens for all starting at midnight!! Freakin’ love the items that are out for this event. I’m only wearing a couple of the items, I’ll be blogging a bit more on it tonight just wanted to get a slavie out there for you all! But a little about the event – its being ran by Ivy (owner of Atomic/Illusory) and Tyr (owner of Aura). MESH items, with skins and tshirts. Very bright and pretty things to choose from! ❤

[A] Limited In –

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Tis The Season

Season’s Hunt y’all, JUST GO AND DO IT because there is soooo much good shit! Especially this sweater that I want to thank my lovely friend Kirsty for helping me! And this hair, and and and the boots and yeah, go shopping!

Tis The Season In –

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