Elements of Sin

Okay so, I have a bunch of items to show y’all since I was MIA for a couple days. Perfect Wardrobe is back today with the theme of Elements! Great theme with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth items! Another event I’ve already talked about a couple of times is Festival of Sin! I’m showing you more items that you can pick up from there, not even close to done with showing what that event has to offer! ❤

Elements of Sin In –

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Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe

Long title but it tells it all! Another round of Perfect Wardrobe is in effect right now. This is just a couple of the great items that are out right now! Also NEW landmark for the event also – so make sure you click on the one below! ❤

Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe In –

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Winter Wonderland Pt 2

Here’s another outfit from Perfect Wardrobe! I really hope you enjoy it, the hooves comes with 2 different styles with two different colors. Hooves are either black or brown, ribbon puffs comes in black or brown, and it also comes in non hooves version like leg warmers! Gotta love Epic! ❤

Winter Wonderland Pt 2 In –

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The Chills With PW

Another edition of Perfect Wardrobe is out NOW! I’m sorry I didn’t put out my look sooner because I was working all night, but here is my first outfit from the event. Alot of great winter items are out for your buying pleasure. ❤

The Chills With PW In –

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Black And White Wardrobe!

Okay kiddos! Another wonderful round of Perfect Wardrobe. This week will be Black and White! Wewt! I am totally in love with so many items this time around. The one thing that I am most excited about it Aura’s mesh corset BUT I can’t wear/post it yet being as I don’t use a mesh viewer. -But- for the ones who do, you better get your asses there to get up your sexy corset. All other items are just fantastic. So many different items I’m gonna do my best to post them all!

Black and White Wardrobe In –

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My Perfect Wardrobe!

It’s that time again! Perfect Wardrobe starts with a new theme here on Monday! Here are just only a few of items that will be out for the event. This one is named MUSIC!! ❤

My Perfect Wardrobe In –

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