Appreciate Me

Hello lovelies. Here’s some new things from the event Enchantment which theme is Beauty and the Beast. Love this theme. So many red roses to be had! ♥

Appreciate Me

Appreciate Me Inside –

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Water Princess

Hey there! Sorry I haven’t had a post out yet for either We ❤ RP or Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I mean I’m a designer for both so I thought it was more important to give y’all something to wear then see me dress up!! Anyways, so many new thingsss! ♥

Water Princess

Water Princes Inside –

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A Surprise For Her

Hey there. I have some new things to show you here. Mostly from FaMESHed which opened it’s doors today (though now typing this it was yesterday). I hope you like ittt. ♥

A Surprise For Her

A Surprise For Her Inside –

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She’s That Sweet

Hey peoples. So many Arcade things in this post. Look at me go! Wanted to do a cute sweet one with all the candy type items at the event along with some of the other fun items that have came out lately! ♥

She's That Sweet

She’s That Sweet Inside –

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Come And Be My God

Hey there. So got some new things here from Tales of Fantasy event! Aisiling’s items that have 1 ultra rare and 3 rares. The ultra rare comes with a HUD. Also this new hair from Truth comes with buns on each side and chopsticks! ♥

Come And Be My God

Come And Be My God Inside –

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Showing Off Your Damned Side

Hey. So new things here. Really really love this detailed jewels by Aisling! Also this gown is from Peqe and will be at We ❤ RP though it does come with system layer body suit underneath which I opted out of wearing cause, slut. ♥

Showing Off Your Damned Side

Showing Off Your Damned Side Inside –

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Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Hey! Still got some more things to show y’all with The Secret Affair event. I told y’all I’ve never seen/read the Game of Thrones so I’m doing my best. Also the slave outfit I’m wearing is from Soedara and it comes with two different version of the camisk. One just has less beads than what I have on. Also with the pack that you pick, you’ll get 3 different colors to choose from and with those three colors there’s an ombre so really you get 6 different color camisks. Also the belt I made a little dangly bit clear so you can’t see it cause I’m just weird like that.

The necklace from Zibska and has a long and short version which this is the rare that has all the colors in it! Also it comes with a headpiece which I’m not wearing. The headpiece that I am wearing it the exclusive from Keystone. I love her things. Lastly this choker is from Yum Yum which is also at the event which has a HUD that changes it to silver or gold and the pendants and dragons are even able to change colors! ♥

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy Inside –

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