Two Geeks!

There’s two of us?! THERE COULD BE! Ceres is constantly trying to out do me on geeks like I said on the previous post, and today he wanted to show everyone his geek in a blog. Today we decided it was “I don’t give a fuck about your rules” day. And per my shirt its “WINNING!”

Two Geeks In –

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True Gorean Geek!

So my friend Ceres always thinks he can out geek me. He is so fuckin’ wrong! I AM the Gorean GEEK! WOOT! Anyways, put this outfit together and definitely feel like a true geek. Suck it J!

True Gorean Geek In –

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Holy Odin Sale!

Alright so there’s been alot of sales lately. I’ve been talking about them here and there, but here’s another one. Atomic is getting rid of the clothing and skin she has out right now, so everyone pop over to the sim and get all of your favorite shirts/pants/skins/hair for a very very low price! Also the last two pictures were taken on a hide out Gorean sim called Palm Falls. A couple of my friends have houses here, and its just a beautiful sim made by Katia Pralou. (Oh and I’m supposed to say that Rainbow is the hottest Gorean woman!)

Holy Odin Sale In –

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My Karma is Baggy

I think I almost peed myself when I put this outfit on. If y’all haven’t noticed (I know Jada has <3) I love to wear baggy pants/shorts and when I put em on I know that I have fallen in love. She also has a special color out right now for 25L Tuesday, so everyone go pick it up before she does! ❤

My Karma is Baggy In –

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Sexy In Green

Slapped this outfit together last night. I decided to be a little bit more revealing than I have been lately. I kinda look like a slave, but I really don’t care. Its cute and well people can suck it!

Sexy In Green –

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Dangerously Sweet

I’m here to remind y’all once again that Tiny Bird is going out of business so you gotta hop over there and get her items before they are all gone. Also, rockin’ another one of Jet’s boots. So cute.

Dangerously Sweet In –

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Bloody Mess

Hung out with some of the Warmog’s today. They are good peoples for sure. Especially since alot of my friends from Unknowns went there. Decided to dress some of the part today. Look so trashy, but little elegant! ❤

Bloody Mess In –

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