The Costume Ball

Heyy! So the husband and I worked ALLLLLLLL day on our day off to get this outfit done. We are really happy with it, and I hope y’all will love it also! Its 100% mesh and only available at The Costume Ball on October 24th at 12 pm SLT! Also the mask comes with a script that can change to 8 different colors! This event is being ran by The Ego Co, and I’m extremely excited for it! So many great designers involved in this event! I’m taking a sneak peak picture inside the event, and its so spooky classy and amazing! ❤

The Costume Ball In –

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The Stool

So, as I keep reminding you a new round of Fluid starts tomorrow Sunday 12 pm SLT. Theme is “That’s Risque” with the subcategories of Burlesque, S&M, and Voyeurism & Exhibitionism. This is my second item for the Burlesque subcategory and I’m really glad I’m doing it for an awesome person Bouncer with Bounce This Poses! Stool has 6 poses built in and its fully adjustable. Even to my tiny avie! Do not miss any of this rounds items, they are just full of sexy! ❤

The Stool In –

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Hey girls and some guys! Decided to play with more poses today, and thought this camera pose was perfect for the outfit. You know how much I love mesh, so yes the camera itself is mesh along with this new dress from evolve and bag! Dress can be found at the Fashion Cache. All pictures taken at the newly re-done sim Where It Begins! Enjoy! ❤

Photography In –

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Cynful Jeans

It took me a little bit to get this dress out, but only because I was wearing this outfit for a bit cause I really really like it! I hope y’all enjoyyy! <33

Cynful Jeans In –

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Pink Fest

Hey girls hai! Sooo, new hair from Burley! Lovin’ this style with the messy bun! Also has the new Magnate Pack for group members in which I’m sporting! Also newish pants from Spirit! I know I wear alot of mesh, but I can’t stay away from it! Pants come in different colors, and all different sizes! ❤

Pink Fest In –

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Kim Is Gorean

Herro! Another post again for y’all tonight. Sorry I was late getting them out, had some IC things to do at Crack Den tonight! Anyways, this hot see through body suit is from KIM which is at Tropicalia Big Bazaar. Also these new boots at Crazy are like the black ones I’ve posted before. I wasn’t sure if they are “gorean” enough for people but of course if they aren’t even acceptable in GE then well don’t wear em! Wear em while you shop! LOL New hairs from Truth also, this I’m sporting is just one of them. Enjoy ❤

Kim Is Gorean In –

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Classy Hooker

I am a classy fucking hooker with some great threads to show y’all! First is this new cute hair from [e]. Its one of two, and really loving the detail on this! Also new tanktop that I’m wearing under the jacket from coldlogic. Many different colors and only 150L! Then comes this skirt from Maitreya that is new and has 3 different lengths. This is the shortest of them and seriously really sexy. Did I mention all mesh? Yup, all those items I just mentioned are mesh! ❤

Classy Hooker In –

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Hottie is Pink

HAI! Anyways, new mesh shirt from paper.doll. Freakin’ loveeee the different designs she came up with. Decided on this one even though I’m not even close to being egotistical or anything, just it had the color scheme! lawl. Also new pants that are mesh from Spirit. Mens and female sizes. Great texture along with different prints with dirty, clean, paint stains, etc. Seriously, love, mesh. ❤

Hottie is Pink In –

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My Brown Leggings

Hello all! I wanna speak to you allll about these great and amazing looking mesh leggings that are new and from Maitreya. Comes in either regular or with heels at the bottom. Love the textures and they sit very nicely on the hips. Obviously great for you Gorean lovers! <33

My Brown Leggings In –

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Boom – Elegant

So! First news is. This is my 500th post on my blog! My blog hit 1 year back in January, never celebrated it – but decided I would celebrate my 500th post!

I went all out, got this AMAZING dress from Boom and snatched up my girl Bells for this shot! Spent hours looking for a place, and well this is what we came up with. We kept complimenting eachother on our asses in this dress because they look so fucking great! So many different colors to pick from along with the style that I’m wearing and the one that Bells is wearing. Its MESH of course and the textures with the mesh prim is really made so damn well.

Now I didn’t hit the 50,000 hits that I wanted too for this post, but it was only an unreachable dream that I wanted! LOL It was a shot in the dark, but I still love each and every one of you who follow me! And a special thanks to Bells for posting with me, always an honor to do anything with her! Especially her new event coming up that I’m participating in – The Ego Co.! Check it out here.

Boom – Elegant In –

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