Slave Sisters

So I’ve been putting off doing these pictures for a couple of days so I had some time to sit and do some work on it. I want to thank Kirsty for posing with me and getting all Gorean. I haven’t done a gorean post in months, and these new GSpot outfits were perfect inspiration. ❤

Gor LOTD 723

Slave Sisters In –

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Such a Virgin

You know I am baby!!! OKAY – couple new items I wanna talk to y’all about. Firstly, this amazinggggggggggg shirt from SAKIDE. Sold is several different colors/patterns/designs. Did I mention – its mesh? Yes, it is. Comes with the alpha and 3 different sizes. So loving this item – SAKIDE you make me sooo happy! ❤

Also new MESH skirt from Cynful! They will be out tomorrow along with an array of colors! The skirts of course come in several different sizes. I really love how it moves with the hips, that was my biggest pet peeve with prim/clothing layer skirts. ❤

New boots from MIEL! These boots have either the natural tones which I’m sporting here, or the bright tones. Built in color changing script with also a script for resizing. The resizing script is amazing because it doesn’t just resize the whole boots, but you can choose to resize from the height, width, and depth. Hurry over to get your pair! ❤

Such a Virgin In –

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That Straight Feeling

Such a cute cute hair that [e] just release. The straight look is actually what I swear IRL, with a little bit of volume since my hair is so thick. Also this dress is from WCF and is amazing. Didn’t wear the shoulder part since I didn’t think it was necessary for Gor. It also comes in a layer where it looks like an actually dress without the vag showing! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

That Straight Feeling In –

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Hey Skimpy Dress

This dress is a must have. Its from The Whore Mansion and its just whore tastic for you sluttes! Basically this is what I put with it, some old with some new. Love the new hair too! <33

Hey Skimpy Dress In –

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Oh So Blah

I’m back! I wasn’t gone long, feeling soo much better from my second ER trip last night! Kidney stones are a bitchhhh! So I’ve had this outfit on for a while because I’ve been wanting to post it, but have been sick. The shirt is from Blah! Love that freakin’ store so much! Also NEW MESH RIGGED HAIR from Magika! I know that was me being so freakin’ excited! ❤

Oh So Blah In –

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Cynful of Sin!

Don’t ask about the title because I have no idea and am on pain medication right now. I’m so sorry for not getting many posts out in the past couple of days. This isn’t to get attention only to inform y’all I was in the hospital today with an infected kidney stone, so I may be posting some ridiculous shit like I am right now. I did my best on making something that looks good, and this is basically what I came up with! Corset is AMAZING comes in several different colors and is at the Festival of Sin event going on NOW! Hurry chicas! ❤

Cynful of Sin In –

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Oh So Black

Felt sorta black today LOL alot of newness going on here. New undies that are just adorable from Line, Izzie has released new nailsss and I’m so freakin’ excited now that I’m all into prim nails! Also she released new stone jewelry in 5 different colors. Also Chain and Vine are now doing mesh clothing that are just great for Gor and Urban styles! This is my first of many items from that store to come! Enjoy! ❤

Oh So Black In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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I See Nips!

Newwwwwwwwwness at SAKIDE! This dress is amazingness all wrapped up into well a dress. It comes in three different versions. Pulled down like I have it, a peaking nipple, and a covered version. Just such a sexy dress and just did a simple outfit. Also got this new skin from Truth! I hope everyone enjoys dis! ❤

I See Nips In –

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Fluff Stuff

Still loving this hair, but gotta tell you about a sale that is going on. There is a 10L sale at Coloreta’s at the main store upstairs only. These pants I’m wearing are not in the sale, but seriously could not pass up not posting them. Just a great different style to wear around Gor for you sexy free women!

Something else want to talk about is this shirt + scarf by Epic. I mean look at it, such a sexy long sleeve shirt that has a low cut in the front then you can purchase the monkey scarf to cover that up in Gor. You really shouldn’t pass these items up which will be at GFW at Jersey Shore sim. Both items are 45L’s each and will be in the brown as pictured and sea green. She will be leaving them out at the sim until Friday.

All in all, GOOOO to Coloreta’s and Epic now!! ❤

Fluff Stuff In –

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