Come Play With Me

I am soooo excited that Truth has finally made some textures with faded colors. I love them from all the other hair creators, and now that Truth has it it pretty much makes my SL perfect. I’m reallllly loving this color specifically. I know its not my usual white, but the blonde color is beautiful. Also new heels from Hucci, with a hot short mesh skirt from Happy Undead! ❤

Come Play With Me In –

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Rock On!

Oh heyyy! So last night I put together an alter ego outfit just for fun then I log on today to see BENT is participating in Limited Bazaar on the 28th of September at noon. The theme is rock and roll and the prop/poses will be 65L, but you better remember to get your booties over there because they are of course limited number of them being sold and after that BENT will be putting them in her store at regular price! Get on over there! Couldn’t freakin’ believe how well my alter ego outfit went with this pose set! ❤

Rock On In –

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Flying Kites

Bunch of newness for y’all. Pose is new from Izzie’s, while the shirt is new from Paper.doll but is only at FAIR. The pants are also new from coldlogic and come in several different colors. The hair is Exile and is some mesh goodness! ❤

Flying Kites In –

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Sneaky Cirque Harvest

Had a little fun doing this post, though the pictures were taken at 4 am. I’m just wanting to really showcase a bunch of new items out right now. Especially the Cirque Pose by BENT, shown with my night time Harvest. Also new event open by CHIC Management called FAIR. Please check it out, definitely something you shouldn’t miss especially since the BENT Cirque pose set is sold there. The undies are from Cynful which are exclusively for Swag Fest, but it isn’t open as of yet but when I get the LM I will post it!

There’s also still a sale until October 1st at [e]. All of her hairs are on sale for a really low price, even all of her new hairstyles!<3

Sneaky Cirque Harvest In –

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Haste Fall

Heyy! Did a quick little post this afternoon to show y’all one of the newest releases from mine and my husband’s store [Haste]! I made this cute little mesh kangaroo tube top for my first mesh piece ever! Also new hair from Truth that is so freakin’ cute! ❤

Haste Fall In –

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Tourist Escapades

This isn’t underneath my bloggers challenge because you all know that I have blogged with this chick before, but we went all out and touristy infront of the The Arcade event! I may look a bit ridiculous, but its freakin’ serious this is like an outfit I’d wear to Disney when I go IRL! LOL, And Bells decided she’d get in on the action of lookin’ like a ridiculously awesome tourist too! You can check out all of her credits on her blog ohhmaiblog, but of course you’ll be seeing mine here! Enjoyy! ❤

Tourist Escapades In –

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Bad Word

I know there are going to be some people who are going to say “disgusting words used” or “classless”, but lets be real here. It’s my blog, and I most definitely curse like a sailor. When I saw these marquee letters from The Arcade I knew right away that I had to put up something provocative because well – it’s just how I roll! Anyways, more things to show y’all especially this amazing new hair from Magika! Yes I went dark for this post because I loved the black brown and red together. (I also really want to thank my dear friend Maci for helping me on the pictures for this post. She gave me a view pointers which seemed to help a bit, though I never like my own work! <33 Love you girl!) ❤

Bad Word In –

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More Arcade Antics

Sorry y’all for the absence over the weekend. Usual RL work stuff ya’know? Anyways, did some buying/selling/trading for The Arcade and its been a freakin’ blast. I put together this outfit with some accessories and I really am super happy to do this post! My husband said I look like a Disney World tourist and I’m totally okay with that! Remember to jump on over to The Arcade when you get a chance! ❤

More Arcade Antics In –

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Blogger Challenge – Posting With Others

So I brought it up the other day that I want to start posting with other people due to getting sick of just seeing myself all over my blog. After thinking about it, I kinda wanna reach out and do a blogger’s challenge for everyone to participate in because its definitely something we all can benefit from. The only kinda catch I’m looking for in this blogger challenge is, the people you will be posting with shouldn’t be someone you have blogged with before and talk to on a daily basis. Reach out guys, find people that you never though in a million years you’d post with, or the ones you’ve always admired from the side lines. I really want to see our community more united, and I think this could be a great way to merge those gaps! So. Seek out those bloggers on your feeds, blogrolls, or even Flickr/Plurk and don’t be afraid just ask! <33

The Arcade

Hey hey! So there’s a new gacha event called The Arcade that will be opening Sept 15th to the public and I can’t wait to show you all the previews I have! I really just wanna do the happy dance right now its ridiculous. You all really will be dying for the items, I just know it! So I’ll just get right into it! <33

The Arcade In –

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