Heyyy! So I wanted to show y’all this amazing pose by Rack Poses that is very sensual. Which is why it’s called A Sensual Touch. It was at ROMP, but I got busy and was unable to post so much! But now it’s at her mainstore! ♥


Beg Inside –

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Part Of His Chain

Hey there! So I did some pictures with the man the other night. I wanted to show off some new furniture from Stockholm and Lima along with he did a picture for a pose by Rack Poses. Oh and I love this new hair by Truth! ♥

Part Of His Chain

Part Of His Chain Inside –

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My Retreat

Hello peoples. Again I apologize for not doing a post all weekend. Had some crazy busy days especially since it was a working weekend. But I really am in love with this outfit I put together because it seems so cozy and this little scene with all kinds of new things from The Garden to enjoy! ♥

My Retreat

My Retreat Inside –

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Trying To Be Wizardly

Hello peoples. So the Wizarding Faire opened up today! It’s a cute event that is at the Mischief Managed RP sim. I’ve never even see Harry Potter, but I was motivated in Plurk to still do a blog post with all the cute things! ♥

Trying To Be Wizardly

Trying To Be Wizardly Inside –

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Summer Days At Home

Some more Home Expo stuff for y’all or really just more of that house that I showed y’all the other night. Also new clothes I wanted to show off. But I did forget to wear my new Cleo skin, but don’t worry I’ll post it soon enough! ❤

Geek LOTD 774 3

Summer Days At Home Inside –

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In My Backyard

Good afternoon lovely peoples! So I took these pictures yesterday and forgot to get the blog together! Alot of great items still to pick up at The Garden if you haven’t done so yet. This outfit is definitely inspired by something that I’d wear IRL when just sitting around at my parent’s house having some drinks. Summer is coming y’all! ❤

Geek LOTD 758

In My Backyard Inside –

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Shopping Friend

So much to talk about again. More items to show y’all from Together for Sway which opens up tonight at midnight. Also items from a bunch of different other events. I wanna thank my friend Liq for posing with me! LaRoo’s main store is officially open too so go check it out. (Always remember to click on the pictures to make them larger so they look better. WordPress is screwing with me lately!) Enjoy the post!! ❤

Gor LOTD 705

Shopping Friend In –

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You Coming For Dinner?

Okay so there are a TON of events right now. Going to try to cover almost all of them in this post. First we already talked about the Arcade which opened the other day and already its in the full swing of things with gatcha. I’ve done my trades and purchases which I wasn’t able to blog it all in this post but will definitely be getting to it!

Next is the Winter Fair which opened today. I love winter time since I never get it IRL, so being able to have the snow and cozy clothing really is great in SL. Check out this event quickly!

FaMESHed has opened another round the other night where there are alot of great items, including this absolutely divine item from HANDverk which went perfectly in my new winter/Christmas house! Also Cracked Mirror has out this new shirt and skirt in 100% mesh that is cute as hell and you can mix in match, especially since the owner has teamed up with another creator Crash to create some mesh shoes in a new line called LaRoo! LaRoo is also featured currently at the Arcade, but their sim will be open soon with new releases. When it opens I will for sure be showing you all their items!

Of course With Love Hunt is still going on so remember to go around and pick up some amazing gifts!

Gor LOTD 701

You Coming For Dinner? In –

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Winter Fun

So I wanna let y’all know that another round of With Love Hunt is starting here November 30th! There’s alot of great designers that are participating in this hunt so it’ll be a fun one! Here’s some items that are featured in the craziness. Also finally got a new wintery house that I’m showing y’all in the background, totally excited about it! ❤

Winter Fun In –

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Sorta Plastik

When I heard Plastik released mesh corsets, I knew I had to run straight over there. There are sooo many patterns to choose from, along with them coming three different to a pack. Each pack is 489L with the alphas and sizes to choose from! Y’all will NOT be disappointed. Well maybe if you have a hard time choosing which pattern cause I know it took me forever! <33

Sorta Plastik In –

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