Balancing The Music

Hey y’all! Some more Arcade things to show you along with this new hoodie from Auxiliary. The hoodie is at the new round of She & Him. It’s like her animal hoodies, but these have no animals but just a design on the front or plain. ♥

Balancing The Music

Balancing The Music Inside –

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For Our Amusement

Hey thur. Decided to do a post today with the wonderful Terrence. I love this girl so much! <3333333333

Second picture was taken by her because my computer sucks.

Check out Terr’s blog here.

Geek LOTD 759

For Our Amusement Inside –

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Getting Home

Oh hey y’all! So got a couple more things I wanna show you. More new stuff and some mesh, some not. Just enjoy! ❤

Getting Home –

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A Day With Harvest and Auston! NSFW!

Heyyy! So I wanted to cover a bunch of new items for y’all in this one post so I thought of doing an entire day going through the lives of the SL Harvest and Auston! We’ve known eachother for 4 years now and been best friends since we met in an urban RP sim. Now that we are married IRL, we still spend our down time in SL to have fun and chat with friends. We don’t really do the RP thing anymore, but I thought it would be cute to do a blog post like I’m telling a story line on a day with Harvest and Auston. So I hope you enjoy my little story book though be aware I’m not a professional writer. I know I get a bit jumbled up, but this is just for fun! (PS – I know I’ll have different hair colors along with different skins, but due to the looks and being a blog post also I couldn’t do them all the same!) <33

A Day With Harvest and Auston In –

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The Home I Live

Absolutely sooo much stuff I want to show you in this post. Some new, some semi new, some I’ve always been in love with for home and garden items. This is actually my new skybox home I set above our store for relaxing and party times. I couldn’t resist going to get some new Trompe Loeil  things along with more items from Pilot and Cheeky Pea. I’m going to try to do more home and garden posts just because they are really great to add my own look in with the setting. I’m also wearing alot of new items so lets just get into the post! ❤

The Home I Live In –

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Up Up And Away!

Hey hey! So for days I had been trying to get the new Burley hair, but the sim kept going down! Well the owner finally put the new hairs on mp so I quickly purchased them, but didn’t really get time to blog last night! So here is some newness for y’all. The skirt is from Emery which is at FaMESHed with several different colors, the hair is like I said from Burley and also has a new yogurt colored pack to check out! The pose is new from Rack Poses and it at Kirsty’s PG store which are freakin’ adorable! ❤

Up Up And Away In –

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The Arcade

Hey hey! So there’s a new gacha event called The Arcade that will be opening Sept 15th to the public and I can’t wait to show you all the previews I have! I really just wanna do the happy dance right now its ridiculous. You all really will be dying for the items, I just know it! So I’ll just get right into it! <33

The Arcade In –

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