In The Meadows

A couple of sales to talk to y’all about. First is this amazing hair that is new from [e] and its the only one that is set on sale for 70% off. I absolutely adore this style. Its perfect with the new LAQ skin! Also the 55L closing sale that Baffle is having right now. This store is adorable and sad its closing! And always huge thanks to Izzie’s for having one of the best looking store sims! ❤

In The Meadows In –

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Wicker In Autumn

Hey hey y’all! So I said I was going to be working on store stuff all weekend, but I had to take a break for some sanity and decided to get a post done! A couple newness for y’all and just a little autumn look. <33

Wicker in Autumn In –

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Flying Kites

Bunch of newness for y’all. Pose is new from Izzie’s, while the shirt is new from Paper.doll but is only at FAIR. The pants are also new from coldlogic and come in several different colors. The hair is Exile and is some mesh goodness! ❤

Flying Kites In –

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Cynful Jeans

It took me a little bit to get this dress out, but only because I was wearing this outfit for a bit cause I really really like it! I hope y’all enjoyyy! <33

Cynful Jeans In –

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Oh hai. So wanted to show y’all another release from Cynful. I’m a little late on the game, but catching up on some releases. Also Maitreya released these mesh jeans that are only 210L for those that are in the VIP group! They are a dirty wash, and I am really digging this color! New hair also from Truth! ❤

Simplicity In –

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Blacked Out Gorean

So this dress is mesh and is from AOHARU. Its not just the dress part, but attached is the turtleneck long sleeves which is just amazing for Gor. Really love this outfit right here. Comes in several different colors, and I added the Maitreya new mesh leggings underneath it for you free women! I did have to fix my alpha layer on my neck – not sure if anyone else would have that issue. The hair is new from Truth and is half mesh. Obviously the part that comes down the back and boobs are mesh which is a separate attachment then the one on the head. Well I hope you enjoy! ❤

Blacked Out Gorean In –

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Gorean Valentine’s

This is pretty much what I think all you cuties should be wearing in Gor today! Pink pink pink! TP released these two outfits in 4 different colors. Pink, blue, purple, and green they are all 25L for Valentine’s Day with both the slave outfit and free woman one! I went with pink only because of the holiday! Also Wasabi Pills released two new hairs yesterday that I picked up but due to RL issues I wasn’t able to blog them yesterday! This skin is also to die for. Only 99L’s and its going to be the new line Alyx that Pink Fuel is coming out with, this is such a sweet and cute looking Valentine’s skin all must own! Enjoy! ❤

Gorean Valentine’s In –

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