Outside Fun

Hellooo there! I really did this post to show off this gorgeous new hair from Truth! I love the big pony tail hair with the side bangs. Also new outfit from Blueberry and decided to show off my husband in the post too! ♥

Outside Fun

Outside Fun Inside –

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Young Volcanoes

Hey there! Some new things here. Especially this cute hair from Truth that has the new pastel pack and also LOOK AT THE CUTE SKELETON HANDS! This outfit is adorable from Virtual NIrvana at District 5 and these heels from Enfant Terrible which are at La Metallique Fair. ♥

Young Volcanoes

Young Volcanoes Inside –

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Looks Like I’m Walkin’

Hey pretties. Another blog for y’all. A little something from Collabor88 along with new pretties from Izzie’s. The Izzie’s socks are amazing because she made them for the SLink feet! Sooooo many colors to choose from girls so go grab em! ❤

Geek LOTD 780

Looks Like I’m Walkin’ Inside –

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For Our Amusement

Hey thur. Decided to do a post today with the wonderful Terrence. I love this girl so much! <3333333333

Second picture was taken by her because my computer sucks.

Check out Terr’s blog here.

Geek LOTD 759

For Our Amusement Inside –

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They See Me Rollin’

Hey hey hey! So below Imma show you new poses and prop by Bounce This Poses at the Pose Fair and these great new jeans by [ JP ]:dsg.! The skateboard comes with 4 different poses, all you need to do is rezz out the skateboard and hop on. A blue window will pop up for you to select which pose you wanna use. The jeans come in 7 different colors. With each color you can change the belt color, the metal color, and if you want the jeans to be clean or dirty. I am sporting the dirty look below! Enjoy ❤

Geek LOTD 747

They See Me Rollin’ Inside –

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Sales and Contests

Okay so there are several sales and another contest that are going on right now.

Just a little quick outfit I put on just for this post, but the best information is below all of it!

Sales and Contests In –

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Rockin’ The Sweat Pants!

So decided to grab a friend along for this post, and Aspen was kind enough to jump in the picture with me! If y’all have never seen her pictures before, then you’re soooo missing out! She is one of my idols, I strive to take as good of pictures that she does!! Check out her Flickr here!

New pants from [ JP ]:dsg. that are meshhhh and have very many options! You can change the side stripes along with the color of the pull strings on the front. You can also have the strings hanging or have them tied up! Many different colors to choose from along with coming in female and male versions! <33

Rockin’ The Sweat Pants In –

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